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Anger over boat ramp closure

A popular boat ramp at Sydney’s Bayview Park in Concord has been earmarked for closure between sunset and and sunrise due to “security issues”.

Fishing World writer Sami Omari, who lives in the Concord area and is a regular user of the ramp reports that boaties could previously obtain access to use the ramp after hours, however, a council letter has stated that keys will no longer be reissued (see below).

According to Sami, “The security issues, if there are any (I’ve never had an issue while boating launching at night or in the morning!) will likely remain as people can still park their car outside the gates and walk into the park at night – I can’t see how a blanket lockout will assist and have offered to work with council to come up with an alternate solution.”

Omari also told Fisho he has contacted the person in charge, Mr John Osland (Director of Technical Services at Canada Bay Council via email ( asking what the security issues were and noted that they’ve seemingly acted (by not renewing keys) without stakeholder consultation.

“I also cc’d my response to the Mayor ( and all Councillors listed on the council website as the blanket ban unfairly disadvantages the vast majority of the boating community who are responsible.”

All concerned users of this ramp are also urged to voice their disapproval via the linked email addresses above. 

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