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HAYMAN Reese said the Compact IQ is one of its most sophisticated brake control units and has been developed to make it both easier to install and also provide the driver with greater control in braking situations. The LED indicator shows the various states of the braking system through the use of different colours. It also confirms successful installation.

Green indicates the system is connected and operating correctly. Red indicates that the system is active and applying the trailer’s brakes. A flashing red light means there is a connection fault. The CompactIQ is also SmartClick compatible meaning that no soldering or scotch-locking is required if the unit is installed using a Hayman Reese wiring harness.

This means for vehicles with a Hayman Reese towbar and wiring, installation is plug and play. Installation is just as easy for vehicles which do not have a Hayman Reese Towbar and wiring harness as manual wiring patches are provided.

More information, including vehicle specific installation instructions can be found on the Hayman Reese website.

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