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Garmin launches echoMAP dv combos

GARMIN says its new echoMAP dv combo units combine detailed mapping and powerful GPS performance with advanced high-definition sonar and scanning sonar.

The echoMAP 70dv (touchscreen) and echoMAP 50dv come pre-loaded with BlueChart g2 Australia and New Zealand coastal charts, and include an all-in-one transducer to deliver both Garmin HD-ID (77/200kHz) sonar and DownVü scanning sonar.

With the ability to display both sonar readings in split screen configuration, HD-ID tracking technology and DownVü scanning sonar combine to deliver incredible underwater definition in shallow and deep, freshwater or saltwater – with amazing below-the-boat views of bottom structure such as rocks, vegetation and drop-offs, as well as thermoclines, baitfish and target fish.

Capable of displaying isolated targets and difficult-to-find secondary structure, DownVü’s finer, concentrated sonar signal not only allows users to see bottom structure more clearly, it helps anglers recognise variations in weed growth and bottom hardness.

The optional GCV 10 black box adds DownVü and SideVü scanning sonar with CHIRP to the echoMAP 70dv. Much like DownVü, SideVü is a high-frequency sonar that gives a clear image of structure and fish located to each side of the boat. CHIRP technology puts more power into the water to continuously sweep each pulse through a range of frequencies, as opposed to traditional sonar which sends one single frequency at a time. Delivering unrivalled target definition and separation, bottom contours and noise suppression, Garmin’s CHIRP technology allows anglers to dial into specific frequencies to more effectively target tournament species such as barra, bass and bream.

Both echoMAP dv models feature a built-in 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver to update the boat’s position and heading 10 times per second to display more fluid movement, while sonar recording capability coordinates the timing of the sonar return with the boat’s position and saves the information to a microSD card. With two cards slots in each unit, the stored data can be played back on a computer using HomePort planning software. For even more functionality, wirelessly connect to Apple (mobile digital device) for BlueChart Mobile.


Featuring a pinch-to-zoom 17.8cm (7”) touchscreen colour display, the echoMAP 70dv outputs 4000W peak-to-peak power for sonar performance down to 700m (2300ft), as does the smaller echoMAP 50dv (12.7cm/5”) touch-button model.

Inline with Garmin’s philosophy ‘The Power of Simple’, both echoMAP dv models feature intuitive menu systems across the chartplotter and sonar functions. Quick-release tilt/swivel mounts, plus transom and low-profile trolling motor transducer mounts, make installation a snap.

Ideal for use as both primary and secondary units onboard a wide range of tournament fishing boats, the echoMAP 70dv and echoMAP 50dv also support 50/200 kHz and 77/200kHz Minn Kota and MotorGuide trolling motor transducers.

RRP from AU$899.

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