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Garmin releases DownVu & SideVu

GARMIN has announced the release of DownVü and SideVü, the manufacturer’s down and side-scanning sonar technology it says provides high resolution imagery and excellent precision for what’s in the water below and beside the boat.

“Garmin is excited to bring scanning sonar to the market for our customers,” said Ian Edwards, National Sales Manager, Garmin Australasia.

“For both inland and offshore anglers it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of what, where and what type of structure is directly below and to the sides of the boat when fishing. Now, with DownVü and SideVü, we provide that valuable insight on a large range of Garmin marine products.”


Garmin DownVü is a high-frequency sonar that provides a near picture quality representation of objects, structure and fish that the boat is passing over. With a finer, concentrated sonar signal scanning a designated area, DownVü provides excellent resolution with great target separation in fresh and saltwater.

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New echo dv Series

An updated line of echo fishfinders will now support DownVü. Whether it’s a 4-inch grayscale echo unit or one with full colour display, anglers can receive the same clear precision of DownVü on a dedicated fishfinder with a DownVü transducer. This updated echo series will also support a 50kHz transducer, further expanding the functionality to saltwater anglers.

New echoMAP dv Series

With the introduction of DownVü, Garmin will also release a new series of echoMAP units with built-in DownVü capability. The echoMAP 50dv and 70dv boast the same vibrant screens and capabilities as the previously released echoMAP series but now add DownVü scanning technology.

Updated GPSMAP 500 and 700 Series

For any angler who’s already purchased a new GPSMAP 500 or 700 series device without built-in DownVü, a free software update will be available through the Garmin website that allows these units to utilise DownVü scanning. Then, with a DownVü transducer (adapter required for some models), the GPSMAP unit will provide full DownVü technology at the angler’s fingertips.

New GPSMAP 800 and 1000 Series

The new GPSMAP 800 and 1000 series have built-in DownVü scanning sonar with CHIRP technology and supports SideVü and DownVü with CHIRP scanning sonar technology with optional GCV™ 10 sonar black box. The GPSMAP 800 and 1000 series serve as a perfect complement to existing GPSMAP 500 and 700 series units.


Much like DownVü, SideVü is high-frequency sonar that gives a clear image of fish or structure that are located to the sides of the boat. This true-to-life picture of what’s below the water’s surface helps identify the most ideal spots and structures for fishing. With noise suppression providing for an ultra crisp, high-resolution image, it’s easy to see where the best place to fish will be.

GCV 10

The same CHIRP technology that was showcased in the GSD 26 sounder box has been built into the GCV 10. The GCV 10 sonar black box, coupled with the SideVü and DownVü transducer, adds SideVü and DownVü with CHIRP scanning sonar technology to compatible Garmin echoMAP and GPSMAP devices. CHIRP sweeps a range of frequencies to provide noise suppression, more power on targets and target separation, allowing the GCV 10 to provide crystal clear and near-picture quality images.

Combined with the chartplotter’s HD-ID sonar, the angler is provided an excellent search and confirmation tool for advanced fishfinding in fresh and saltwater. The GCV 10 has three built-in network ports to share DownVü and SideVü information as well as other networking information, such as radar and user data, across supported GPSMAP products. Whether the fish is below the boat or to the sides, the GCV 10 gives an ultra-clear representation to help the angler find that next fishing hot spot. GCV 10 is compatible with the echoMAP 70 series and the GPSMAP 700, 800 and 1000 series.

All products will be available in Q1 of 2014. For a full list of compatible units and for more information, go to

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