TESTED: Powerpack battery charge system

A few months ago I picked up a neat little device that has found its way permanently into my fishing tinny. The Powerpack from Ark Corporation is an ingenious device that basically converts a regular old car or boat battery into a very handy bit of kit, which I now find invaluable for both the shed, and the tinny.

You can utilise the Powerpack by placing a deep cycle or regular battery (it will take many sizes up to 140Amp hour) into the enclosure where it can be conveniently and safely housed for the life of the battery.

The Powerpack has Smart Charge circuitry designed to charge and then condition any 12-volt battery to maximise usable life. You can leave the battery in the Powerpack on charge in the shed indefinitely and know that it is conditioning your battery constantly, ready to use whenever you need it.
The Powerpack has a female cigarette power outlet which you can plug in any 12-volt device. It also features a neat charge meter, a key operated isolation switch, ventilation fan – and all housed in a weather resistant case.

I plug a triple adapter into it, expanding its capacity so I can run an electric motor, sounder and portable light from the one unit. Impressively, I found out that this is a two way input/output circuit where you can plug a solar power source into this and trickle charge it with a solar charger – a great feature for hard core multi-day camping trips.

Another useful item, one I use in combination with the Powerpack, is the Brunton Solaris fold-away solar panel. This is brilliantly compact and serviceable enabling you to charge anything from a whopping deep cycle battery (yes it will take a while) down to a mobile phone, digital camera or video recorder.

The Powerpack is available now for RRP $179, the Brunton Solaris 6 charger sells for RRP $250.

For more details on the Powerpack call (02) 9678 9036; visit

For information on the Brunton Solaris call (03) 8645 2400; visit



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