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Daiwa Steez lures

DAIWA Australia has announced the arrival of its new Steez lure range, releasing four new Steez baits. Featuring the advanced design detail and the ultra refined finish that’s made Steez famous, Daiwa says the new Steez Spinnerbait, Cover Chatter, Shad 60SP, and Popper are sure to get anglers’ casting arms twitching this spring and summer.


The Steez Spinnerbait comes in two weights (3/8 and 1/2oz) and features thin tandem blades, and tapered wire for enhanced vibration and pulsing action, while a hand tied skirt means there is no rubber band to deteriorate over time.


The Steez Cover Chatter (1/4 and 3/8oz) is an Australian bass’ worst enemy, and features an ultra thin blade, that reduces drag in the water allowing the blade to vibrate at a higher rate, allowing you to retrieve the lure at a slower speeds. Like the Spinnberbait the Cover Chatter has a hand tied skirt for enhanced durability.


The Steez Shad is an all-round choice for freshwater and estuarine environments and dives to 2.5m. Equally suited to erratic jerkbait retrieves or a more subtle and consistent crankbait retrieve, the Steez Shad is perfect for chasing estuarine species like flathead, both on the cast and the troll.


The Steez popper features an intricate cup design, producing a combination of sound, splash and spitting action, while its hydrodynamic design also allows it to be worked with a seductive walk-the-dog retrieve. Available in 50 and 70mm sizes the Steez Popper, like all of the Steez lures the Steez Popper features Daiwa’s ultra sharp SaqSas hooks for optimum fish catching power.

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