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Halco’s innovative new Madeye soft plastics

HALCO’S new soft plastic Rubber Stretch Technology (RST) ensures the Halco Madeyes range of soft plastics reflects the Halco ethos of a high quality, strike-effective product. Halco are determined to push the boundaries of traditional soft plastic colours and shapes and the new plastics range is a direct result of this innovative approach.

Madeye’s RST is a unique rubber copolymer that possesses two advantages over standard soft plastics. RST is up to five times more durable than standard plastic, and is also buoyant, enabling the lure to float and wriggle when sitting on the bottom.

All baits are also enhanced with natural squid scent.

Flutter Shrimp

The 2.5in Flutter Shrimp has a thin, lightweight and durable tail for increased action. It is designed for finesse presentations when the bite is shutdown or in ultra clear water. The thin curl tail flutters with the slightest movement and its small profile is dynamite on tentative fish. Ideal for bream, estuary perch or bass.

Whippy Worm

The Whippy Worm replicates a sand worm, and dominates on the flats as its tail floats in the current when the lure is dead sticked. Bream, bass, and flathead are all fans of the Whippy Worm, and it can be trimmed to size as needed.

Flick Stick

An ultra life like bait-fish imitation that has an erratic action when twitched with a short sharp action. As it sinks it looks like a dying bait fish that a whole manner of species cant resist and the RST ensures it can withstand repeated strikes from big aggressive fish. The 3” Flick Stick is already proving very popular with bream and flathead, and is also ideal for targeting fresh water fish like Australian bass. The 5” version, which also features life-like eyes, has already accounted for salmon, snapper, yellowtail kingfish, jacks, trevally and more.

Paddle Prawn

A great all-rounder, the Paddle Prawn has a paddle tail that transmits vibrations through the water column, with thin, lightweight and durable legs and feelers that combine to add to the realistic profile of this new plastic. The 3” Paddle Prawn is dynamite on bream, bass, jacks and smaller northern species, while the 5” has proven to be effortlessly effective on Snapper and other demersals. Rigged weedless, the paddle prawn can be worked along the surface for large barra. The RST ensures the lures can out fish and outlast due to their incredible flexibility and stretch.

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CLICK HERE to read how the Madeye range fared in the waters of WA’s Abrolhos Islands.

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