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Jarvis Walker announces lead-free sinkers

JARVIS Walker has released a range of sinkers made with no lead. They are less expensive than lead, too, making it as much a win for anglers as it is for the environment. The Jarvis Walker Viro Sinkas launch includes eleven weight options from 20g to 1000g across two versatile shapes.

Viro Rocket Sinkas come in seven weights from 20g to 150g, in a dark colour with an epoxy finish. The six-flat-side Rocket design achieves great casting distance, the flat sides prevent rolling in current, and the sharp nose makes them easy to deploy accurately on the spot when fishing vertically. This versatile design is suitable for most types of fishing, from casting baits in beach gutters, to live baiting estuaries, to bottom-fishing reefs.

Viro Deep Drop Sinkas come in four heavy weights—250g, 500g, 750g and 1000g—which are ideal for fishing deep reefs and drop-offs, or in areas of strong current, when getting to the bottom quickly is critical. Viro Deep Drop Sinkas have a lumo green finish to help attract fish towards your rig in low-light depths, and the six-flat-sided sharp nose design doesn’t flutter on the drop and doesn’t roll on the bottom in current.

The streamlined profile of both the Rocket and Deep Drop design is also snag resistant and each design features a heavy-duty connection point. Jarvis Walker says that the Viro Sinkas are a great sinker in their own right and the fact they are better for the environment and cost less than standard lead sinkers is simply a great bonus.

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