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Shimano Stickbait/Swim Bait Hard Case

SHIMANO’S Stickbait/Swim Bait Hard Case is designed to safeguard your prized hard body lures and offers unparalleled protection and organisation for anglers targeting species like cod and other predatory fish. 
The Shimano Shimano Hard Lure / Stickbait Case features a sturdy construction made from high-quality materials, including 420D Polyester. Its multipiece design ensures compactness while effectively preventing rust and corrosion, guaranteeing that your favourite lures are shielded from the elements. 
One of the standout features of this hard case is its durable zippers, specifically designed to withstand harsh saltwater conditions. Opening the case reveals a convenient front mesh panel, allowing for quick and easy access to your stickbaits and swimbaits. No more fumbling around or wasting time searching for the right lure – everything is easily visible and within reach. 
Inside the case, you’ll find a high-density EVA mesh divider, which provides excellent protection and prevents lures from tangling or becoming damaged during transportation. The integrated hook keeper further ensures that your hooks stay securely in place, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall organisation. 
The rigid walls of the Shimano Stickbait/Swim Bait Hard Case prevent collapse, maintaining its structure even when subjected to rough handling. This feature not only protects your lures but also allows for efficient storage and easy identification. You can confidently carry your assortment of stickbaits and swimbaits, knowing that they are well-organised and ready for action. 
Whether you’re an avid angler targeting cod or other swimbait-loving species or launching stickbaits for kingfish and tuna, the Shimano Hard Lure / Stickbait Case is an essential accessory that offers practicality, convenience, and superior gear protection. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your lures are safely stored and ready for any fishing expedition. 
To explore the Shimano Stickbait/Swim Bait Hard Case and the full range of Shimano’s tackle management systems, visit

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