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Smoke 65 deep diving lure from Balista


THERE are hundreds of deep diving lures on the market but nothing like the new Smoke 65 from Balista. According to the manufacturers, other deep divers on the Australian market had actions that were either too wide and slow or too tight and fast.

Balista spent 3 years refining the action to have a specific combination of action and roll. They wanted to make a lure with a rolling action that mimicked a baitfish more closely and would hence increase its fish catching ability.

The Smoke 65 also features LED technology, which is a water-activated flashing red LED. This technology can be  effective in dirty water, low light conditions and after dark.

Other features include an internal rattle, UV paints, proven colour patterns and BKK ultra sharp and tough trebles.

Highly effective on mangrove Jacks, barramundi, bass, golden perch, Murray cod, redfin, flathead and many more.

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