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Spikebait: Superior size live Aussie fishing bait

Spikebait maggots grow up to 2.5 cm…much bigger than normal blowfly maggots.

BLACK soldier flies are somewhat of a celebrity in the eco-warrior world. They lead the way in global conservation and sustainability through their unique ability to consume organic waste destined for landfill and convert it into nutrient-rich larvae that are perfect for agriculture and aquaculture feed.

It’s these environmental soldiers that Spikebait package up and sell as live bait for recreational fishers around Australia. “Black soldier fly larvae do two things really well: gobble up organic waste and get big and fat,” says Spikebait’s Tom Allan.

“The key difference between the black soldier fly larvae and your standard blowfly maggots is the size. Black soldier flies can grow up to 2.5cm in length whereas your standard blowfly maggots will only reach a fraction of that. This not only makes the Spikes easier to hook but also increases their visibility underwater.”

The other significant point of difference for Spikebait is the packaging. By storing the larvae in coco-peat, moisture retention is significantly increased, which ensures the bait maintains its size from the moment it gets packed to when it’s needed on the hook.

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