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Storm set to Hypno-tise!

STORM has announced the addition of a 2” size into its So-Run Hypno Grub line. Small single tail soft plastic grubs have become the lure of choice for many keen bream, trout and general light line finesse anglers all over the country in recent times. Now Storm look to bring their unique design into the realms of the ultra light fisherman with the 2″ Hypno Grub.

The key to the success of the Hypno Grub over the past year is the unique bulbous and ribbed curl tail. The bulbous tail acts to incite action into the lure at the slowest of speeds, allowing anglers to fish them with lighter weights than has ever been possible.

Having action at a slow speed is of the utmost importance for a truly great bream lure, and the Hypno Grub’s unique tail delivers that in spades.

The unique PVC and DINCH material construction blends the perfect amount of resilience with the best formula to achieve suppleness and maximum action. All Storm So-Run baits are infused with artificial scent that masks the soft plastic smell and leaves no residue behind on your hands when rigging.

The new 2” So-Run Hypno Grub ships 8 per pack in 12 different colours.

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