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X-Rap Subwalk is back!

RAPALA has re-released the X-Rap Sub-Walk, with new sizes, improved colours and new rigging. The X-Rap Sub-Walk is a sinking walk-the-dog style lure that excels when conditions inhibit the action of true surface style presentations.

Twitch the Sub-Walk just below the surface for more solid hook ups, or sink it down to schools of pelagic fish unwilling to hit the surface.

The unique caudal fins on the X-Rap Sub-Walk enhance lure stability, allowing the angler to work the bait harder, faster and more aggressively to incite a response from predatory fish.

Armed with VMC inline singles, the Sub-Walk won’t have any issues facing up to the oceans largest predators. With 3 sizes available, the Sub-Walk has everything from inshore species like barramundi covered with the 7cm version, through to big tuna, giant trevally, kingfish and more with the 15cm model.

The Sub-Walk includes the trademark Rapala X-Rap finish, and comes in 10 lifelike colour choices.

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