Bally who?

PRECISELY rigged and ready for action, the life-like swimming motion of this plastic bait is designed to “trigger predatory fish into a feeding frenzy”. Well, that’s what the press release says, anyway. These baits do look pretty cool, however, and if you can’t get livies, they’d certainly be worth a swim.

The Williamson Live Swimming Ballyhoo (the Yanks call garfish ballyhoo) holds true to its colour and, according to its maker, won’t fade after hours of trolling. This feature, coupled with the bait’s ability to kick into gear about three feet under the surface at up to seven knots, makes it a go-to artificial bait in any offshore fisherman’s arsenal.

Equipped with the tried and true Patented Hook Locking System, the Live Swimming Ballyhoo is available in three colours and comes with two lures per pack. This lure will complement any spread and is big enough, tough enough and realistic enough to fool huge saltwater fish into being biters – not followers.

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