Barra closed season from next month

A closed season for barramundi in Queensland’s east coast tidal waters comes into effect from midday November 1 and runs through until midday February 1, 2011.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) district officer Karl Roebuck said the closure was in place to protect barramundi stocks at a vulnerable time in their life cycle.

“As barramundi gather at specific times to spawn it makes them more vulnerable to fishing,” Roebuck said.

“During spawning millions of barramundi eggs will be laid, but only a few will survive.

“Fishers should also not deliberately target barramundi for catch and release during these closures, as the stress of capture may prevent a fish from spawning.

 “During spawning times anglers need to be fishing in a way that minimises any potential catch of barramundi.

“Anglers who catch a barramundi during this time need to release it back into the water immediately.

 “It’s about making sure this species is still around for future generations to enjoy.”

 The timing of the barramundi closed season varies each year according to lunar and tide cycles coinciding with spawning peaks.

For more information click here or phone 13 25 23.

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