BigFish finds success in the US

DARWIN-based fishing apparel brand Bigfish Gear recently launched an American range of prints at the iCAST Tackle show in Orlando, Florida.

This trade only fishing and tackle show is immense in size and stretches some 22 football fields or more over a three day period.
The size of the show can make a new product difficult to stand out in the crowd and most Americans had never seen Bigfish Shirts, Fishheadz or Hats. According to the fellas from Big Fish, the reception for the new range was “incredible” and it appears that a large distributorship has picked up the brand and many hundreds of stores across North America will be stocking Bigfish Gear in the next 60 days! That’s a big achievement for an Australian based clothing company.
The new American print range includes Silver Kings (Tarpon), Redfish, Bass, Mahi Mahi, American Pride, Bluewater Panel and many more.
There’s also a new style without a collar which removes the “flappy” collar at high speed and no sunburn in the “V” of the polo neck. These will be released in Australia soon.
To view the new range of prints, visit

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