Carp on fly … Why? Why not?

European carp are, for many justified reasons, a much maligned introduced species in Australia. While a highly rated sportfish in much of Europe – big old pond carp oftenachieve “celebrity” status in the UK – the species hasn’t exactly ingratiateditself with Australia since exploding in numbers in ourwaterways in the 1970s, taking over areas formally the stronghold of natives such as Murray cod and perch and well established, introduced trout. In the wake of this encroaching carp “tide”, rivers and streams that once ran clear seemingly turned brown almost over night.

But love him or hate him, old “mud whiskers” sure can turn it on at the end of a line! As you’ll see in the following video, spotted on Youtube by Mark Phillips. The clip highlights the sporting qaulities of these fish caught on fly. We’re not sure of the video’s origins but it’s very well done. Check it out.

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