Doing the SharkWave

THE SharkWave fly line range from Scientific Anglers features the very latest technology including Line ID, advanced chemicals for shootability and floatability and the world’s first triple textured fly line.

In essence, SharkWave lines feature a triple-textured surface structure in which Sharkskin texturing is used on the tip portion of the line while belly and running line are embossed with a textured divot pattern.

SA says the benefits of texturing are numerous: the increased surface area allows the line to sit higher in the water, offering less drag, easier mending, easier pick-ups with less water spray; the micro-texturing traps air and increases both shootability and flotation, all while decreasing friction; and the micro-replicated pattern increases durability and the life of the line.

The texturing is interrupted by a short, smooth portion of the line where the head meets the running line which SA calls a Tactile Reference Point (TRP). Its purpose is to allow the angler to feel – and hear – this transition point as an aid to casting. Additionally, a visual aid is provided by the lines triple-colouring which delineates the tip, belly/head and running line sections. If you miss feeling the TRP, then the colour transition provides the visual cue for when to shooting the line.

The SharkWave Saltwater Titan is a quick-loading taper designed for casting big flies to distant targets. An extra-strength core utilising Tropi-Core technology makes it ideal for chasing large tropical species. Additionally, lines in 10 to 12-weights feature a super-strong core with a 65lb (+29kg) test rating to tackle big-game species.

The SharkWave Siege is a quick-loading taper designed for throwing big flies with minimal back casts. Built for temperate climates, the short powerful head makes it ideal for tossing streamers for trout and native species such as Murray cod and yellowbelly.

Every SharkWave fly line features:
Scientific Anglers Line Identification, Advanced Shooting Technology, Improved Dry Tip, Welded Loops front & back, Mastery Texture, Tactile Reference Point, Sharkskin Technology.

More info: or (03) 9899 0034.

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