DVD Review: Adventure Bound

Adventure Bound – Series 9, Episodes 1-6

ADVENTURE Bound, which screens on TVS 44 Sydney, TVW 44 Perth and Channel 31 Brisbane and Adelaide, is my pick as a “quality” fishing show. By “quality” I mean consistent fishing action from a diverse range of locations, good film work and audio and, most importantly, a knowledgeable and personable team of presenters.

This two-disc DVD features more than two hours of on-screen fishing including a session chasing stream trout on lures, some exciting gamefishing in Fiji, an interesting and informative trip out of Bermagui targeting makos, some typical tropical SWF mayhem and, most interesting as far as I was concerned, an out-of-season session catching quality snapper in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay. Additionally, there’s some informative cooking advice from the show’s resident chef, Shane Hannett.

I watched the DVD over a weekend and found it interesting, entertaining and well produced. Even my wife sat down and watched an episode or two. Normally, she runs a mile when fishing stuff is on the TV … Refreshingly, the presenters – Scott Gray, Lee Rayner and Andrew Clark – avoid over-the-top product spruiking that reduces most other fishing shows on TV these days to nothing more than advertorial dross. If you watch a fishing show, you want to see fish, right? Not endless “sponsor’s messages” and blatant plugs for product and services. Adventure Bound’s producers have found a nice balance between satisfying their sponsors and delivering the action and info that we, the viewing public, expect. Also, these guys come across as extremely keen and hugely experienced anglers. They share some really useful info – I learnt quite a bit from watching this DVD, in particular Lee’s advice about berleying and baiting for makos and his nifty rigs and bait set-ups for snapper. I probably would have liked to see a few different camera angles – boat to boat, for example, and maybe some more underwater stuff – but if the purpose of a good fishing DVD is to psych you up and make you want to go fishing, then Adventure Bound’s Series 9, Episodes 1-6 does the job admirably.

For more info and details on how to purchase a copy, go to I’ll review the other Series 9 DVDs in upcoming editions of Fisho.
By Jim Harnwell.

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