FIELD TESTED: Blackridge Fly Rods

IT was appropriate, I suppose, that our esteemed editor should ask me to review the Blackridge entry-level fly rods given my somewhat basic fly fishing techniques.

The good news is that these no-frills rods are just the job for either a beginner or an occasional fly fisher. This nicely balanced piece of kit offers impressive performance and good value-for-money for those
starting out on a fly fishing career.

I took the nine foot 6 wt with me on a recent tour of New Zealand rigged up with a floating line on a Blackridge Graphite Fly Reel and finished off with one of Blackridge’s competitively priced tapered leaders.

From the very first cast the Blackridge felt as comfortable in my arm as it did on my wallet. It has a sweet crisp action but with plenty of power in the butt should it be required. I am no Peter Morse but I had little problem presenting
my dry fly at distance in the famous Buller and Clutha rivers in the South Island as well as on some of the less well-known streams in this beautiful country.

The rod loads up smoothly with none of the clunkiness that some of the cheaper brands inflict on their users. I found it easy to change angles to put in the occasional sidecast to difficult areas and had no trouble straightening out the leader.

Now a Sage or a Loomis this ain’t, but neither will it set you back the price of a small farm. The Blackridge casts well, has a forgiving action that will avoid unnecessary hook pulls, but retains enough power in reserve to hold a running fish. What more do
you want for your money?

Blackridge produce both 6 and 7wt models in what they claim is the best value-for-performance beginner fly combo available in Australia. RRP $49.95.

For more information on Blackridge fly fishing products visit

By Martin Salter

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