Fish found dumped in National Park

THOUSANDS of fish, many verified as tailor, have been found dumped in a creek on the Moreton Island National Park in south-east Queensland.

According to, locals have alleged the fish were dumped by netters illegally working the area.

An island resident said it was not the first time fish had been dumped on the northern part of the island off Brisbane, an area often used by net fishers.

“I don’t know why they dumped them there,” the resident said.

“Maybe it’s to hide them from the rangers but it’s not just one event. Tonnes have been dumped and it’s been going on for ages.

“Some of the fish are relatively fresh, some are mush and some are just skeletons.”

He said some of the catch was tailor and fish were of a substantial size, which suggested they had perhaps not been properly chilled, forcing fishermen to throw them away.

“It’s anything goes up on the northern end of the island at night,” he said. “They know there is no policing so they do just what they like and they’re pretty feral.”

National Parks Department southeast region director Rob Allan appealed for help to track down the culprits.

Fish were thought to have been dumped on the weekend and rangers and Fisheries Department inspectors went to a creek at Yellow Patch on Monday to investigate.

The area is in a Yellow Zone under the Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning and netting is allowed with some restrictions.

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