Fisho TV: Our How-to Videos’ Top 10

WHEN launched three years ago we had big plans to give visitors to our site easy access to practical fishing info to help improve catches and learn new skills and techniques. Let’s face it, in fishing you can never know everything and the more knowledge you pick up along the way, the better your overall fishing experiences can be.

Without blowing our own trumpet (too much), we think we’ve achieved what we set out to do via our ever expanding series of practical how-to videos, which now number in the hundreds…

While we admit our early efforts were a bit clunky and amateurish – we ain’t film makers or TV presenters after all! – we’ve learnt a lot along the way, and more importantly, hired professional film making/editing help!  As it now stands our Fisho TV section has evolved to the stage where we now have over 1300 subscribers via our Youtube channel and our videos have had over 1.5 million views. 

So as we prepare to get our next series of practical videos underway, we thought we’d take a look at our Top 10 most viewed practical videos, starting with How to – Cast a baitcaster – something well over 200,000 fishos obviously wanted to learn to do!

Stay tuned for more videos in our 2012 How-to series soon.

2 – How to use – Rattlin’ Rapala

3 – On the water – Hobie Pro Angler

4 – Knot tying – Tie a Double Uni Knot

5 – Knot tying – Tie a Loop Knot

6 – How to – Jigging techniques

7 – Bait fishing – Putting a prawn on a hook

8 – How to – Use a Spin Outfit

9 – How to – Spool up a baitcaster

10 – How to – Boat trim explained

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