Fisho Writer’s Top 5 Photos

FISHO recently asked its writers to select five of their favourite fishing related photos and tell us the reasons why they rate them and how the the pics came about.

The next photos featured are from Fisho’s South Australia based correspondent Jamie Crawford, who explains why these are his five favourites.

inline_793_ first mulloway_302E9C60-1BC0-11E5-A74F02E22D9E6A7F.jpg
Mulloway on my mind
Growing up, I was obsessed with catching a mulloway. I think it’s a phase most of us go through (and all going well most of us come out of). This obsession began when I was around 15. I would either walk to the local beach or convince my Dad to take me down south to one of the better beaches. While I caught some undersized fish, my first legal fish came when I was 17 years old. I spent a lot of nights and afternoons soaking baits along these beaches so it was more of a relief than elation when I finally scored this 10kg fish. Not my biggest jewie, but certainly the most satisfying and memorable.

inline_722_ Spida Everitt_D4774D40-1BBF-11E5-A74F02E22D9E6A7F.jpg
Fishing with Spida

I had a memorable day fishing with Spida Everitt soon after he retired from AFL footy. It was on a trip for Fisho to put a story together on his career, fishing and life after footy. We had a magic day on the water. We scored some great snapper to 12.5 kilos, and I took this shot at the end of the day with my Dad standing next to Spida, both holding snapper they caught. Spida is a tall dude!

Playing the bills

Catching your first billfish is pretty special. And living in SA it’s not something I get to do very often. While being in Exmouth for Gamex 2014 I got to see plenty of fish being caught, but I had to wait until the end of the comp before I would have a chance of tagging and releasing my first. This was only a small black of around 35kg, but I was pretty pumped. I was fishing with Fisho’s Chris Yu and some of his mates.

inline_746_ Surface feeding_E78A4450-1BBF-11E5-A74F02E22D9E6A7F.jpg
Surface boil

No matter how many times you see it, nothing gets the blood pumping like seeing surface action. This was a school of surface feeding SBTs down south from Port Lincoln. Looking at surface action like this, I find myself “planning” where and how I would approach the school. I find looking at photos like this are a “pick-me-up” when I haven’t been on the water for a little while.

Rockin’ barra
The final pic is of a nice saltwater barra taken from the NT. It was a lovely chromed fish taken from a rock bar. I was fishing with Peter Zeroni and Sami Omari and we were trolling a rock bar. Someone got a snag, so I was retrieving the Guns’n’Roses Classic Barra when it got hit. This is still my PB barra. Not long afterwards I tripped poor Pete over and he almost broke his leg…

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