Geelong Star kills another dolphin

THE Australian Fisheries Management Aurthority has suspended fishing in a zone operated in by controversial 95m trawler Geelong Star after its third outing in Australian waters has resulted in another dolphin death.

Under stipulations of the suspension, Zone 6 of the Small Pelagic FisheryFisho understands is on the NSW coast – is now closed for trawling operations until midnight December 16, 2015.

Anti super trawler action group Stop The Trawler Alliance reported on Facebook:

DOLPHIN DEATHS CONTINUE – Trip 3: a common dolphin has been reported dead. —— Help stop this madness. It only takes 40sec to demand ALL your political reps to take a stand:

Neither the Geelong Star nor their proxy representatives, the Small Pelagic Fishery Industry Association Inc, have released any details of the dolphin death, thus we are unable to show you a photo of the actual dolphin that was killed. This photo (below) was sourced from the twitter feed ‪#‎supertrawler‬, but we believe it to be just as dead as the one killed by the Geelong Star. ‪#‎stopthesupertrawler‬ ‪#‎geelongstar‬

An example of a dolphin killed by mid water trawling for SPF species. Image: Stop The Trawler Alliance, Facebook.

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