Give cod a rest during closed season

Anglers should avoid techniques that are likely to catch cod during September, October and November.

BETWEEN September 1 and November 30 (inclusive) each year cod fishing is closed in Victoria and NSWcoinciding when the species switches into breeding mode. It’s at this time they are at their most vulnerable.

Murray cod are protected during this time in most Victorian and NSW waters. Two exceptions are Lake Eildon (Victoria) and Lake  Copeton (NSW) which are open year-round. Research has found that most Murray cod in these lakes are stocked fish.

During the closed season, cod guard their nests which makes them territorial, aggressive and easy to catch. All anglers can play an important role to help cod successfully spawn, recruit naturally and provide great cod fishing for the future.

Anglers should avoid using fishing techniques that are likely to catch cod during this time, such as:

  • Do not deliberately target cod.
  • Use lures smaller than 80mm for species such as yellow belly.
  • Avoid using surface lures.
  • Use small yabbies only for species such as yellow belly.
  • Avoid using baits such as cheese, chicken, red meat and bardi grubs.
  • Use your experience, or get local advice, and target other species away from known cod ‘hotspots’.

If you do accidentally catch a cod during the closed season, keep it in the water and release it immediately.

Furtrher details about the regulations can be found HERE for Victoria and HERE for NSW.

(Note that there is also a closed season for Murray cod and Mary River cod from September 1 to November 30 in Queensand).

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