Give Murray cod a rest on the nest


During this time, cod are at their most vulnerable as they are in breeding mode. Cod will protect their nests which often makes them territorial, aggressive and easy to catch. All fishers can help Murray cod to successfully spawn and ensure great cod fishing for future generations by ensuring they do not use fishing techniques which are likely to catch cod during this time.

Murray cod can travel hundred of kilometres upstream when river levels are high for spawning. They form breeding pairs and select a nest such as a sunken log or submerged rock to lay their eggs. Males spend a lot of time guarding and tending to the fertilised eggs by continually fanning the eggs to keep them oxygenated. After spawning the fish return back to the same area and even the same snag!

Murray cod are a priority species under the Fisheries Act 1995 as they one of our most iconic native freshwater fish.

To help the cod have a rest on the nest, in known cod waters:

  • Do not deliberately target cod.
  • If you do accidentally catch a cod, keep it in the water and release immediately.
  • Use lures smaller than 80mm for species such as yellow belly.
  • Do not use surface lures.
  • Use small yabbies only for species such as yellow belly.
  • Do not use baits such as cheese, chicken, red meat and brad grubs.
  • Use your past experience to determine your chances of encountering a cod and consider choosing another location to fish.

*Please note: Some lakes are open all year round so check local regulations (e.g. Lake Eildon in Victoria and Blowering Dam in NSW).

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