GoFish Nagambie only a few days away!

GoFish Nagambie will be held between April 25 and 28.

A REMINDER that Go Fish Nagambie, said to be Australia’s richest inland fishing tournament, starts on April 25. With just a few days to go, organisers are urging participants to arm themselves with all the tips and tools to make them complete masters of the official tournament app, iCatch. 

Submitting your catch in the tournament will be done via the iCatch app. 

If you have registered you should have already received your iCatch logins direct from iCatch and have your account set and ready to go for you. 

If you have any problems please emaill 

iCatch Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure you have downloaded the iCatch app prior to the event and learnt how it works (this will make it easier during the event).
  • You will receive your official GoFish Nagambie Measuring Ruler that you will need for submitting your catch in your Angler Pack. Only this measuring ruler can be used for submitting your catch.
  • The GoFish Nagambie Challenge within the iCatch app automatically records the time, date and location of the catch.
  • If your phone has no service on the lake, you will still be able to snap a photo and upload your fish via the app! Just select “Save Catch and Upload Later ” if you have no service, and once your phone picks up service again it will upload your catch to be counted in the competition!

iCatch App Instructions

  1. Catch your fish – this is the hardest part of the process!!
  2. Open the iCatch app.
  3. Tap the blue circle, selecting Add Catch.
  4. Select the species you have caught.
  5. Select the tournament GoFish.
  6. Camera will automatically pop up.
  7. Make sure the nose of the fish is to the left of the screen (please refer to photo above).
  8. Make sure the camera is perfectly level! The red light will turn green once its ready to snap the photo.
  9. Once your picture is taken, move the blue measuring scales around the fish – the top scales on the nose to the tail of the fish and the bottom scales on the ruler which has to be 20cm apart e.g. 10cm – 30cm (if inches, 8 inches apart e.g. 1-9in or 2-10in).
  10. Select Confirm.
  11. If you have no phone service, click “Save Catch and Upload Later “.

For more information, click HERE.

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