Good gear on a budget

There’s plenty of top quality fishing tackle out there these days, and there’s no doubting that in most cases you get what you pay for. But not all of us can afford to buy the top shelf gear. And, anyway, not having the latest and greatest doesn’t mean you can’t catch quality fish.

The key to choosing and purchasing tackle is to buy the best you can afford. According to the boys at Silstar, the new “Damos Combo” is an excellent option for any angler after a quality lure or bait fishing threadline outfit, without the overwhelming price tag.

The Damos reels feature aluminium spools and are matched to Damos graphite rods, all of which feature cork grips and decent components. Damos combos allow budget conscious anglers to maximise enjoyment whilst fishing with minimal outlay.

There are six different combos from 6’ spin to 8’ spin, in single or two-piece construction. All Damos combos are rated to fish lighter line classes.

Check out the Damos Combos at your local Silstar dealer.

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