Halco Laser Pro 160 XDD

THIS is an extremely useful trolling lure with a lot of potential applications. So far we have used it in the blue water mainly targeting mackerel, and I am really warming to using these great Australian made lures, as they are so easy to troll. I was already a big fan of the bigger Laser Pro 190, and the 160 DD is a great lure to add to the trolling spread. These lures dive to 6m and have a great action, but they are fairly light to troll with quite a minimal drag. They don’t come bouncing out of the water, troll up to eight knots or better with ease and come with solid hardware (although we generally change to single hooks). I’m sure these lures will also find a place targeting big barra, and I’m pretty sure the legend of the Daly River, Col Cordingley, is probably already dragging these around as his new secret weapon for the 2010 Barra Classic (sorry Cords, the word is out!). Halco’s hydrodynamic engineering of its diving bibs using aeronautical design principles has put this company at the forefront of the world market when it comes to getting lures to run straight and deep, and the Laser Pro 160 DD is a very well designed example of this. I like a blue water lure that runs deep, tracks straight, has minimal drag, catches fish and is toughly built and the 160 DD is exactly that. If you troll minnows for mackerel, tuna, big barra or pelagics, these little beauties are a must have for the tackle box. In my local waters the “king brown” is the most popular colour.

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By David Green

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