Just like the real thing

THE new Fish Candy Wild Prawn from River2Sea is an extremely lifelike cast and retrieve prawn imitation.

The makers say the colours are all based on Australian freshwater and saltwater prawns and crayfish. With ultra soft legs and hair like feelers the look and feel of these prawns is fantastic.

When cast the Fish Candy Wild Prawn hits the water and glides to the bottom on a 45 degree angle, like a real prawn. The legs are also designed to flutter and each tail segment moves. On retrieve the tail will flick and the body will move from side to side like an evading prawn.

So whether you’re using a slow roll or a twitching action, the Wild Prawn will look just like the real thing.

Each Prawn is rigged with a rear stinger hook to maximise the hook up rate, the attaching dyneema has a breaking strain of 20kg+. The stinger hook is attached to a ring on the belly so it can be easily replaced. This ring is also useful if a treble or additional stinger hook needs to be added.

The 90mm Prawn weighs 15grams (2/0 body hook, #6 Stinger) and RRP $14.95; the 120mm Prawn weighs 30grams (4/0 body hook, 1/0 Stinger) and RRP $17.99.


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