Let there be Dome Lite

Many anglers would consider a torch as an essential piece of their kit, particularly fly fishers who enjoy fishing the “evening rise”. For serious night-fishers though, two torches would be considered a minimum.

While it’s easy to see a torch as a handy aid for changing tippets and flies, the critical issue of safety shouldn’t be overlooked. To be on a trout stream after dark with torch failure, kilometres from the car is not a pleasant experience. And torches of the incandescent type have a habit of failing when you need them most. Ever tried changing the globe on one of those torches that holds a spare inside the body – in darkness?

Waterworks-Lamson, the manufacturer of very fine fly reels, has come up with a novel yet practical way of providing hands-free illumination utilising LED technology with their Dome Lite. The Dome Lite is simply a high-quality baseball-style cap with built-in white LED lights. The Dome Lite avoids the weight associated with a conventional head-light and the inevitable dribbling that occurs with a mouth-held torch.

But what makes this cap so unique and useful is that it features a patented system of two flood lights concealed under the brim which illuminate nearby surroundings including the space in front of your face for tying on flies. A third light is a front facing ultra-bright high-beam which illuminates the forward distance and is great for lighting up the track ahead.

Power is supplied by four replaceable CR2032 batteries which are each about the size of a ten-cent coin. Battery life is rated for up to 75 hours.

The Dome Lite is a cleverly designed, practical piece of fly fishing gear that will appeal to anglers who enjoy their ‘change-of-light’ fishing. The Dome Lite comes in two colours/patterns, Stone and Real Tree Camo and sells for around $45 and is available through Waterworks-Lamson dealers.

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Available from all Waterworks-Lamson stockists. For more info visit or call Mayfly Tackle Pty Ltd on (03) 9899 0034



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