Long life bait

ICE boxes contaminated with bait juice are set to be a thing of the past thanks to The Freeze Dried Bait Company’s range of lightweight and long lasting bait.

The manufacturer says fresh bait is used in this product, sourced from premium sustainability focused suppliers and using state of the art commercial freeze driers, 98 per cent of moisture is removed while all natural oils and solids remain virtually intact.

When it’s time to wet a line the bait is simply rehydrated in fresh or salt water.

Rehydration occurs in around six minutes (or as long as it takes to rig a rod) and the result is a slightly rubbery texture. The firmness of rehydrated bait ensures it grips the hook better than most fresh alternatives, resulting in more casts from a single bait.

The 40g Real Squid Pieces is the first of the range to hit tackle stores. One package retails for $7.95.

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