Lucky Craft Barra Series

DESIGNED specifically for barra and jacks, Lucky Craft’s Australian Barra series lures are all fitted with Decoy W-77 trebles and ready to catch trophy fish straight out of the pack.

Made in Japan, the models include: Pointer 78XD, Pointer 100XD, Pointer 100DD and Flash Minnow 110SP.

The Pointer 78XD and 100XD are extra deep diving jerkbaits. Previous deep diving jerkbaits needed to be fished slowly while they dive but the 78XD and 100XD are designed to reach 10 and 13 feet while being fished fast, which is a great advantage. This allows the angler to cover more water, check more spots and keep the bait in the strike zone longer. Being slow floating lures the XD baits will not lose their wobble or erratic action.

The Pointer 100DD will slow float in saltwater and comes fitted with Decoy W-77 trebles. Diving a little deeper than the standard Pointer 100SP the 100DD has the same body profile but a slightly wider wobble. When the fish are holding a little deeper this bait will get in their face and get them to strike.

Fitted with 3 Decoy W-77 trebles the Flash Minnow 110SP will slow float in saltwater. The weight moving system allows for long and accurate casts and can be effectively fished over the flats with a jerking, twitching or sweeping retrieve. Also ideal for working the points and coves.

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