Motor to your final resting place in a Glory Boat

Glory Boats are specialised coffins for the dedicated but deceased outdoorsman.

FIELD and Stream magazine recently shared this information about so-called Glory Boats. Used in funeral services the same way as traditional coffins, Glory Boats are compatible with standard burial vaults. The internal dimensions of a Glory Boat allow even the largest individuals to easily fit. According to the manufacturers, the inside of a Glory Boat is softer and more comfortable than traditional caskets. The outside of a Glory Boat is rugged and tough, like many of the outdoors enthusiasts who loved spending time on the water in their lives.

Glory Boats are finding favour amongst the families of some outdoorsmen because they wish to recognise and express the distinctive character of their loved one’s lives and spirits. They are also, apparently, a great ice breaker for the difficult process of getting our loved ones to plan their eventual departure.

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