Rapala Shadow Rap

RAPALA says the Dying Minnow Action produced by its new Shadow Rap Series complements the maker’s extensive range of hard baits that have the legendary, original Wounded Minnow Action and the Escaping Minnow Action.

The unique Dying Minnow Action of the Shadow Rap kicks almost 180 degrees during the twitch on a semi-slack line, darting off to the side and turning back to look at its adversary with a dying quiver.

The Shadow Rap is sure to trigger a reaction bite from your favorite target species, whether it be a big estuary flathead, mangrove jack or even an impoundment barra.

Featuring internal metallic plating, a natural scale pattern and a flat sided 11cm minnow profile that is finished in a range of colours designed to mimic bony bream, mullet and herring – the Shadow Rap is the perfect snack.

Available in both a shallow and deep model that weighs 13g and dives to a maximum depth of 1.2m and 2.4m respectively, the Shadow Rap gives anglers the ability to confidentially cover structure at differing depths.

Like all Rapala lures, the Shadow Rap comes fitted with premium VMC trebles. A new release for this year’s AFTA tackle show, the Rapala Shadow Rap is available at your local tackle store in July.

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