Rec fishing inquiry continues

The NSW Legislative Council’s Inquiry into recreational fishing is well underway with submission hearings so far held in Sydney and on the NSW South Coast.

As previously reported the Inquiry is being overseen by a select committee appointed by the Legislative Council, with the aim of inquiring into and reporting on the benefits and opportunities that improved recreational fisheries may represent for rec fishers in NSW.

Appearing before the Inquiry so far has been a cross section of individuals who have made submissions voicing various concerns with the way recreational fishing is currently managed in NSW – and the sport’s outlook for the future.

Late last week Fishing World magazine’s editor Jim Harnwell appeared before the Legislative Council Inquiry in Nowra. A transcript of those proceedings can be read here.

Of his time before the committee, Harnwell said it was interesting to see how the various politicians viewed fishing.

“At least one of the inquiry members seemed to me to have an anti-fishing mindset. Others just had no idea. A couple of the pollies did have a fairly good understanding of the scene, which was good to see. It will be really interesting to see what recommendations this inquiry comes up with and what, if anything, the Government does in relation to any recommendations.

“It’s important here to acknowledge the efforts of Shooters Party MLC Robert Brown in organising and chairing this inquiry. Without Brown’s work in this regard, NSW’s 1 million anglers would have absolutely no recognition by Parliament,” Harnwell said.

Hearings continue in regional NSW and again in Sydney until August.



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