Reels for the deep

DEEP water anglers will appreciate the high performance WFT Electra range of 12V electric fishing reels that offer a Japanese-made motor and loads of clever functions.

Two models are now available: the big Electra 1200PRHP, which holds an impressive 1440m of 80lb braid; and the smaller Electra Speed Jig 700PR, which holds 360m of 80lb braid. These capacities are based on Rovex Depth Finder 80lb Braid, which are available in 3500yd bulk spools.

The WFT star drag system produces up to 30kg in the 1200PRHP and 13kg in the 700PR. The 1200PRHP weighs 1680g and retrieves up to 160m per minute; the 700PR weighs 680g and retrieves line at a rate of up to 180m per minute.

Both models run two premium-quality Japanese NSK stainless steel ball bearings and have high quality brass and stainless steel gearing. The frames are one-piece alloy matched with a machined alloy spool and an aluminium handle with a large hand grip.

The digital display is easy to see at night and in full daylight and the function list is impressive, including: line winding speed control; precision drag settings; pre-set gunwale stop position; max setting for high-speed retrieve; water surface pre-set for accurate range finding; quick motor release for deploying baits and lures faster; swimming range settings for lure/bait positioning in the water column; position memory function; bottom mode; and correction mode for line length data changes.

inline_224_ Pro Speedjig 700 Reel-1 550.jpg

The WFT Electra Reels run on 12V DC power, which is delivered by a plug-in cable—provided and fitted with alligator clips—which you connect to a 12V power source. Battery testing with the recommended VRLA 12V-12AH by Exide Batteries will provide a solid day’s fishing with one reel; or Exide’s VRLA 12V – 17AH will power two reels for a day’s fishing; or one reel for more than one day. These batteries are compact enough—170mm (H) x 180 (W) x 70 (D)—but for those who require more portability, a WFT Electra personal power pack is coming soon, so your reels can travel with you from boat to boat with ease.

World Fishing Tackle (WFT) is a German tackle company with its Australian distribution provided through Jarvis Walker Brands, which means you can access the WFT Electra reel range through all good tackle outlets around the country.

More information at and videos HERE.


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