Sea monster or monster carp?

The residents of Lakeside in the US state of Indiana are wondering if their town’s pond is home to a sea monster to rival Loch Ness’s “Nessie”.  

According to locals, the tranquil Lakeside Park, that features a rose garden and fountains, also has its own sea monster. Hannah Ramsey, told she was walking her dog by the pond when she saw a large fish-like creature near the shore.

“It was really weird,” Ramsey said. “It had a snake’s tail. It was really long and really big in the middle and it had fish scales.”

Ramsey said she was only about six feet away from it.

“It stayed there for a couple of minutes, but it wouldn’t turn so I could see its face. It was acting like it was strangling a fish or something.”

Ramsey’s mother, Laura, said she believes it was a giant carp. People feed bread to the ducks at the pond and some of that food sinks, attracting the fish. In the past, she’s seen two gigantic carp near the shore in the pond.

But her daughter’s description of a snake-like tail has made the residents of Lakeside wonder if the creature is something else?

Photographer Larry Kenner says he was trying out a new camera when he happened to see a weird creature in the water near the pillars that surround the rose garden and snapped a photograph. The picture revealed a long, snake-like creature.

“It looked bigger than a snake. It had a lot of girth,” Kenner said. “But it was long.”

“Some friends say, ‘Oh, that’s a carp,’ ” Kenner said, “but it kind of slithered through the water.”

Kenner posted the photo on his Facebook page, and suddenly friends who had lived in the Lakeside area for years started telling stories of the odd things they’ve seen in the pond.

For now, Lakeside residents are happy to label sightings of a mysterious creature in their town pond as a mystery – one that is sure to live on in the imagination for some time…

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