Should we join with the pros?

IN Fishing World’s March issue, Jim Harnwell’s editorial poses the controversial question of whether or not rec anglers should become aligned with commercial fishers in a bid to fight the forces that seem destined to ban fishing.

While this suggestion is sure to get many rec fishos’ backs up, it may not be as crazy a suggestion as it initially sounds. On the face of it, such a radical development could potentially mean fishos finally had a single united voice when approaching governments and bureacratic bodies on issues affecting fishing – something that has been sorely lacking for way too long.

In outlining the argument for joining with the pros Harnwell wrote in his editorial, “Only with a united voice can we beat or downplay the various anti-fishing groups who are attempting to instigate widespread bans on all types of fishing. Basically it’s a united we stand, divided we fall type argument”. 

While you’ll have to grab yourself a copy of March Fisho to read all the arguments for and against siding with the commercial fishing sector, in the meantime we’re running a special online poll to gauge your response.

Should we side with the pros? Let us know your thoughts via the poll you’ll find below right or via the homepage – feel free to post your comments.

We’ll publish all results in a future edition of Fishing World magazine.

What's your reaction?

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