Students launch fishing website

FISHO was recently contacted by Sydney University of Technology (UTS) journalism student Jereme Lane, who describes himself as “a keen fisherman and longtime reader of Fishing World“.

Jereme also went on to say that as part of his assessment this semester “we (our team of nine journalism students) have to come up with an online publication that incorporates written, video and audio pieces.”

“As a few of us are keen fishos we managed to convince the rest of the team that fishing would be a good topic for our publication,” he wrote.

As a result, Jereme and his team have come up with the website
which he describes as being targeted purely to recreational fishos and covers a variety of related issues as well as conservation topics, light hearted pieces, product and location reviews. 

Jereme told Fisho that “apart from receiving individual marks for each story, we also receive group marks for how many hits we receive on the website between Monday October 22nd (when we launch) and Monday November 12th (the end of semester). The idea is to use social media and any other methods available to us to promote the publication as much as possible.”

This is where Fisho readers can help out Jereme and his fellow students by checking out and possibly leaving some feedback. 

Fisho applauds the students’ efforts and wishes them well with their studies!

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