Tripletail caught in Nambucca River, NSW

Chris Power landed this tripletail in the Nambucca River, NSW.

FISHO recently published news of a sailfish recently caught off Coffs Harbour, NSW. Now another surprising catch has been made in NSW waters: a fantastic tripletail (Lobotes surinamensis) landed on the Mid North Coast.

Two weeks ago keen angler Chris Power was targeting flathead and bream in the Nambucca River, when he hooked something out of the ordinary. Initially, the fish was thought to be a large stingray or big flathead, but after a 10 minute tussle the pictured  tripletail was found the bottom of the net. After some quick photos this beautiful specimen was returned to the water and released successfully.

In Australia, tripletail are the only member of the Lobotidae family. They are identifiable due to their distinctively rounded dorsal and anal fins. The fins give the impression that they have three tails, hence the common name tripletail.

Juvenile tripletail frequent NSW estuaries and inshore waters, but larger adults like Chris’s fish aren’t a common catch. Juveniles sport a unique mix of mottled yellow, brown, black and green coloring, while adults are jet black. The Australian Museum has recorded sightings of NSW tripletail as far south as Wollongong.

If anyone else has any weird or surprising catches from NSW, they are asked send info and images to 

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