Waeco launches CFX range

WAECO says its new CFX fridge/freezer range has been designed for the harshest Australian conditions with rugged design, extreme cooling performance and very low power draw.

Starting with a brand new WAECO compressor, the CFX range also boasts robust hinges and lid latch, strong factory fitted, spring loaded handles and a USB charging port.

Contributing to the efficient cooling performance and low power draw, the extra thick polyurethane insulation in the lid, sides and bottom plays a big part. Additionally, the lid seal design incorporates a generous 10mm thick gasket with an internal air pocket, which together with the positive latching action creates a tight seal upon closing and improves the efficient cooling even further.

Due to its low power consumption, WAECO CFX is also ideal with solar operation.

Like its predecessor – the WAECO CoolFreeze CF, the new CFX range features polypropylene construction, which is both low in heat absorption and durable.

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Additionally, the new range has inherited the clever VMSO function from its predecessor, although this time it has been improved for further efficiency and quicker cool-down time. This function enables the compressor to optimise the cooling speed through automatic selection between ‘Soft Start’ and ‘Turbo’ modes. Reaching the set temperature faster and maintaining the temperature effectively, it spares the components, causing less wear and tear.

The new range is the perfect addition for the adventurous 4WDer set up for off-roading and long trips. However, even though dual battery systems are most common in those vehicles, it is by no means a requirement with WAECO CFX. Due to the inbuilt 3-stage battery protection, this fridge range is also suited for vehicles with a single battery.

To find out more about the new WAECO CFX range, free call 1800 21 21 21, or visit

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