Workers at Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre vow to fight on

WORKERS AT Cronulla’s Fisheries Research Centre have vowed to continue the fight against the facility’s closure despite being told by local MP Mark Speakman that his meeting with the NSW Premier failed to get the decision overturned.

Members of the Save Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre action group were buoyed by the Parliamentary debate they had earned when they submitted a petition of over 19,500 signatures from people opposed to the closure.

At the debate, local MP Mark Speakman, Labor Opposition Leader John Robertson, and Labor MP Ryan Park spoke against the closure. Only the Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson spoke against the group’s petition. Greens MP Jamie Parker also asked for leave to speak in favour of the petition but it was not granted.

Witnesses at the event reported they were angered by Minister Hodgkinson’s comments that handing in such a petition was “futile” (Channel 10 News 11/10/11). More were upset that the Premier, Mr O’Farrell was not present at the debate.

Members of the Save Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre group say support is continuing to grow for their cause and they will not stop fighting until the issue is given the scrutiny it deserves.

Hansard transcripts of the debate can be found on the NSW Parliament website at:

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