Zerek now offering finesse Flat Shads

THE popular Flat Shad from Zerek Innovations has shrunk in the wash and is now available in 3 1/2” and 4 1/2” versions.

The smaller Flat Shads were re-engineered with a softer plastic to maintain the same swimming action as their larger brothers. This softer material is still every bit a s strong as the original Flat Shads (5”. 7’ and 9”) and can be stretched to its limits time and time again without the lure succumbing to the pressure.

Coming rigged on a weedless hook, the smaller Flat Shads have the same belly design that allows the lure to fold away under the slightest pressure to expose the hook. This means the smaller Flat Shads can be fished anywhere with minimal risk of hanging up, yet still provide exceptional hook-up rates.

But for those who do not need snagless or weedless rigging, the Flat Shad can easily be rigged on a jig head and fished in more open waters with great effect.

The smaller size, the rigging options and the ability to be fished anywhere now mean there is a Flat Shad to take on any fish in Australia.

Trout will nail the 3 1/2” version, GT and reef thugs love the 9” version and everything else in between will eat all of the other sizes!

And make sure you look out for the Marsh Slider Hook Packs, designed to fit the 5’, 7” and 9” Flat Shads and provide alternative weight options.

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