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Rapala celebrate 80 years with new film

RAPALA has released it’s film, “The Search,” a brand vignette, today in honour of its 80th Anniversary. Inspired by the passion that drives every fisherman or woman, it tells the story of our obsession. The “Search” is a part of our DNA, whether it be to rivers, lakes or oceans, there are no boundaries. It is this feeling that gives us a common bond. It is something that we as fishermen will chase until the end of our days. That “Search” for something greater.

Fishing is a way of life. When we’re not on the water, we dream of being there. The pursuit is individual, yet we share a common bond. The search is for more than just fish. For family, friends, traditions and tranquility. Day after Day, we find what we are looking for, yet the search continues. It is embedded into our DNA. We are fishermen. We have been since we were young and will be until we can do no more. The search will never end and there will always be time for one…last…cast.

For over 80 years Rapala has aspired to be the best and you’ve supported us the entire way. We dedicate this to the people who support Rapala, who love the outdoors and could not live without fishing. Where there is water, there are fish. Where there are fish, there is, and forever will be, Rapala. We are here, we are fishing!

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