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VIDEO: Blackfish: A fisherman’s journey

Blackfish: A Fisherman’s Journey from John Morrell on Vimeo.

TODAY’S video is a trailer for a new fishing documentary that explores the details of one fish, the luderick or blackfish, and how catching it relates to history, family, the depression and the beautiful east coast of Australia.

Here’s some feedback:

“The best fishing documentary I’ve seen” Jim Harnwell, former editor of Fishing World.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the history and learnt some interesting facts about our very popular Blackfish.” Bruce Alvey, Owner, Alvey Reels.

This journey will take you from the coarse streams of England in the mid 1800’s to the modern day east coast of Australia. It is beautifully shot in HD with great fishing scenes interspersed with the history and stories that bring the joy of fishing alive.

The interviews with real fishermen whose shared history dates back to pre-war times adds an evocative edge to a story of fishing, family and history. Here you can share their passion for the unique cult of Blackfishing on the east coast of Australia.
If you’re interesting in watching the full length film, prices are $2.90 to rent for 24hrs or $5.90 to buy through Vimeo.

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