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ARB delivers first aid


ARB have announced the addition of three ARB first aid kits to its growing touring line-up. ARB said it’s the unavoidable surprises of the Australian outback that has prompted it to design three first aid kits, tailor made for 4×4 enthusiasts who love exploring this great land of ours.

ARB Family First Aid Kit

Compact, durable and water resistant, this comprehensive first aid kit with fold-out compartments is filled with critical first aid supplies and instructions, designed to assist you and your family in the event of an emergency. Containing over 42 quality first aid supplies, from an eye wound kit, bandages, antiseptic dressings, to a handy bottle of sunscreen, the ARB Family First Aid Kit is ideal for use when off the beaten track and medical help is some time away.

ARB Personal First Aid Kit

Equipped to treat cuts, abrasions, sprains, fractures, minor burns, eye injuries and more, the ARB Personal First Aid Kit is the perfect companion for any off road adventure. This extensive kit with 33 quality first aid supplies will ensure you are prepared for every situation. The fold-out pouches keep contents organised, providing easy access in an emergency.

ARB Snake & Spider Bite Kit

More than 345,000 Australians are bitten or stung each year, making bites and stings the third most common injury in our country. The ARB Snake Bite Kit has been specifically designed for the treatment of snake and spider bite injuries. It contains quality materials designed to aid in the event of a bite, as well as an Emergency First Aid booklet and a Snake ‘n’ Spider information booklet.

Each kit has been cleverly designed to fit snug in the back of your fourby, so whether you’re travelling alone, with a mate or have the entire family on board, there is an ARB First Aid Kit to assist in any emergency.

For more information visit the ARB website.

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