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Bar Crusher: Plate boats ain’t plate boats

TO adapt Castrol’s “oils ain’t oils” line from the classic 1980s Australian television ads: “plate boats ain’t plate boats”.

As highlighted in this article, plate boats are now the most popular trailer boats among hardcore fishos. Traditional mass-production pressed alloy (tinnie) manufacturers have jumped onboard this trend in recent years, which has created a lot of confusion among boat buyers.

While most people have cottoned-on to the fact flat sides don’t turn a tinnie a plate boat, fewer people are aware that a plate boat’s true strength comes from its sub-floor structure, rather than the thickness of the material used.

Always leading the charge to educate Australia’s fishing and boating public, Bar Crusher has released a video of its innovative Rigideck sub-floor system, which is an integral part of every Bar Crusher boat.

Obviously, Bar Crusher’s smart enough not to give away the specific details of its design and construction secrets, but the video provides a solid insight into the ‘invisible’ points of difference between plate boat brands.

Check out the video below:

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