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Deeper launches new range of portable sounders

EUROPEAN company Deeper has just launched its brand new range of Deeper portable smart phone sounders suitable for use off the bank, kayak or boat or, for the fisherman that wants to do it all.

All Deeper Smart Sonars are castable, meaning bank fisherman can now learn the water that faces them without needing to dredge the bottom with deep diving baits, potentially snagging and losing expensive lures just to find the deepest hole or exactly where that snag is.

The wireless, castable Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is the top of the range. It uses Wi-Fi connection to transfer data to your smartphone or tablet. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ contains a highly accurate internal GPS receiver that enables the device to create highly accurate bathymetric maps while fishing from the bank or boat. This makes the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ the only available cast-able echo sounder that allows you to access accurate feature and fish-finding data that was previously available only on the console of your boat.

With three models in the range, Deeper has every portable fisho covered. Whether you want to get a sounder on a budget, or you wish to be able to quickly and easily change from bank fishing, to kayak or to your boat. The Deeper Smart Sonar will do it all. With a range of suitable accessories, the Deeper can be cast, mounted or tethered to almost any fishing craft or vessel.

RRP from $349

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