Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Easter boating safety reminders

Marine Rescue NSW is urging boaters to follow a couple of common sense safety procedures before heading out on the water over Easter.

According to the volunteer organisation, the more boats on the water, the more associated risk. And to minimise the chance of small mishaps turning into disasters Marine Rescue NSW urges boaters to use their marine radios to log on with the local Marine Rescue base when leaving port.

This simple procedure informs rescue groups of your intended whereabouts, your planned time of return and other details that can help rescuers in the event of an emergency situation.

Boaters are also urged to wear approved lifejackets for safety in the event of capsize, falling overboard, or a collision. As the seasons change and the water temperature plummets wearing a lifejacket becomes more important than ever.

Marine Rescue NSW has over 2,400 trained members and proven boating safety procedures ready to help keep every skipper, boat and their passengers in the marine rescue safety net.

For a full list of all volunteer marine rescue units in NSW go to www.marinerescuensw.com.au

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